SAP FICO Training Course

This SAP Training Course is a complete set of online lessons where you learn to set up SAP FCIO from step-by-step interactive video instructions - just like you are logged into an SAP session.

This is the easiest way to learn SAP with 24/7 worldwide access.

You don't require SAP software

No prior SAP experience required

No PDFs to read

Completely Interactive

Replay the lessons as much as you like

Learn hints SAP will not teach you

Impress a company/client with hands on knowledge

SAP experience commands a higher salary

Step through development with audio and visual cues

Over 30 hours of interactive training

Progress Monitored by Experienced Consultant

Click Here for a Demo - Interactive Video SAP Training Course

SAP FICO Course Outline

Click Here for a Demo - Interactive Video SAP Training Course

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The cost is tax deductible as you are incurring expenditure to produce income.

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P.S. - The SAP FICO Online Training Course is a set of proprietary lessons, accessible through the members only area. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get ACCESS to work through the online lessons as much as you'd like. The file format is SWF (flash) and can be viewed on Mac or PC.